What is this "drone" thing?

Our “drones” are remotely-piloted, unmanned aircraft called quadcopters. They are essentially a light, multirotor helicopter with electric motors that turn four propellers (rotors). Our aircraft are flying computers/digital video cameras.

Today’s technology provides aerial photographers with access to high-tech, unmanned aircraft that use professional-grade, gimbal-stabilized HD cameras with quality optics, reliable dual-GPS positioning, and autopilot systems with safety redundancies. We are continuing to pursue improvements to our video camera payloads through higher-quality camera sensors and specialized infrared equipment.

Do you need a license to fly?

Yes. In order to fly for commercial or non-hobby purposes, the Federal Aviation Administration requires the Pilot in Command to be trained and licensed as a “Remote Pilot.”

How fast can they go, how high can you fly, how far can they travel, how long do the batteries last?

Our aircraft fly at speeds up to 35 MPH (faster with a good tailwind). We can legally fly up to 400 feet above ground or 400 feet above the tallest point of an item we are inspecting. They can fly laterally over 1.25 miles. The electric motors use power provided by rechargeable LiPo batteries that provide approximately 25 minutes of flight time.

How good are the pictures/video?

Stunning! The camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. This allows us to capture smooth, stable video, even when the aircraft is pitching and turning. We shoot high-resolution video at 1080p HD, up to 4K UHD. The still pictures are 12 megapixels.

What can you do for me?

The most common, current applications for aerial imagery with small, unmanned aircraft are; photos and video for real estate development and sales, commercial photography for family use, industrial inspections, public safety, search-and-rescue, wildlife counts and more. If you have a specific need, contact us. The sky is the limit. Ask!  

What can you do for real estate?

We come to your property and capture aerial video and photos. We edit that footage into a 3-5 minute video (set to music, if you wish).  We provide basic editing with our service. Listing captions can be added to the video at your request and are provided at no additional charge. 

We retain copyright of the material but provide you with the rights to publish the footage to the MLS, YouTube or your web page for the duration of the listing. After that, the videos and photos are yours to keep for personal use. If you wish to use the material for ongoing promotion of rentals or other matters, we can discuss further rights and costs.