More FAQ's

Do you edit the video or pictures you take?

Yes, we provide basic editing at no cost. We cut the footage into short, eye-pleasing segments. We add transitions, music and other small details. If you need advanced editing services, we can certainly provide you with the raw footage taken on your property. 

Advanced, custom editing can be a time-consuming and expensive task. At this time, we are not able to provide such services but there are artistic editors in Kenai and Anchorage that are very skilled at their craft.

How does the weather affect your operation?

Alaska has a host of challenges that impact our aircraft and cameras. Wind, rain, snow, clouds and cold temperatures are a factor for all aerial imagery operations and small, unmanned aircraft are no exception. We promise to do our best to keep scheduled flight times but weather and lighting must be good for your image quality and our equipment. From time-to-time we will have to reschedule.  

Can I provide you with music tracks to use in my video?

No. Due to copyright laws we cannot use most music submissions unless it is your personal composition/recording. Upon request, we can make your video with a small selection of royalty-free music, with credit given to the source.  

What is your turn-around time and how much will this cost?

Turn-around time can vary dramatically depending upon the type of project. Our goal is 1-2 weeks but if you are in a rush, please call us and express your needs. We will do our best to accommodate you. Prices are variable and depend upon the scope of the work, travel distance, airspace restrictions and your desires. Most basic pricing packages begin around $399 and include on-site aerial videography/photography, editing and delivery of a high-definition video product.