Gemini Aeronautics Professional Aerial Solutions

♦Who We Are♦ 

Gemini Aeronautics uses advanced, remotely-piloted aircraft to conduct industrial inspections, produce high definition videos and photos, build photogrammetry models and conduct aerial surveys.

We are based in Kenai, Alaska and Fort Collins, Colorado.


Gemini was founded in 2017 by twin brothers Roger and Kerry Koppes. Roger is a veteran of the USAF who has spent over 25 years in in the aviation industry as an aircrew member, pilot and air traffic controller.  Kerry Koppes has over two decades of experience in firefighting, wildland fire, arson investigation and construction inspection.  Kerry is currently integrating drone use in support of emergency services in northern Colorado.


We believe that unmanned aircraft are poised for rapid growth; ushering in a new era for civilian aviation in real estate development, public safety, industrial inspection, agriculture, mapping and videography.  Remotely-piloted aircraft, known colloquially as “drones” are capable of doing many aviation tasks in a safer, more cost-effective and efficient manner.  Give us a call or send an email.  Tell us what we may do for you!

♦Contact Us♦


(970) 397-1603


(907) 395-7450

DCIM100MEDIAMAX_0029.JPGcreated by dji cameraimage1




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